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Solve a Crime at Sleuths Mystery Show

A crime has been committed. 

And it’s up to you to solve the mystery and identify the criminal. 

But while you do so, enjoy some delicious food and beverages! Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show is an action-packed dinner show that’s sure to be a fun time for the whole family. 

Intrigued? You should be. This dinner show is an incredibly unique experience that allows you to gather hints and take a crack at pinning down the villain of the show — all while you eat, drink, and be merry. 

So, think you have what it takes to find out whodunnit? Grab your magnifying glass and keep reading for clues on how to plan your visit to Sleuths Mystery, as well as what you can expect once you get there. 

Collect Some Evidence 

First things first. You’re going to need to collect some solid evidence if you want to convict the criminal once and for all. 

But don’t be alarmed about the serious nature of your quest. At Sleuths Mystery, you get to receive these clues in a laugh-filled, dinner show setting. Visitors can take their pick between five different show options

  • Falling Pines 
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Lord Mansfield’s Foxhunt Banquet 
  • Squires Inn
  • Roast ‘Em and Toast ‘Em

Each of these shows has a different theme, so make sure to review your options before making a reservation! 

During dinner, you’ll be offered a series of clues about who the suspect may be. This takes place over 45 minutes in a comedy-style mystery show. As you watch the show, be sure to identify any questions you’d like to ask the performers to gather more evidence and narrow down your suspect list. 

After dinner, ask those questions (and take plenty of notes!) to gain the information you’ll need to guess the right suspect and lay the case to rest once and for all. Then, enjoy a mystery dessert while you get the final report about who committed the crime. 

In case solving a crime isn’t rewarding enough, Sleuths Mystery also awards prizes to those who guess the right criminal. Not too bad for a night out, huh? 

Grab a Bite to Eat

You’re going to need plenty of brain fuel to successfully solve this mystery. Fortunately, Sleuths Mystery Show provides a full dinner to its guests, including vegetarian and vegan entrees. Be sure to make your meal selection in advance of the show, as Sleuths staff will ask for your choice when you make a reservation. 

We’ve also listed some of the menu options below:  

  • Cornish game hen with sides (stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce) 
  • Four cheese lasagna with vegetables and garlic bread 
  • Veggie meal (fresh vegetables, squash, zucchini noodles) 

Additionally, Sleuths Mystery has a kid’s meal option for the young ones, which includes chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and green beans.

Each meal comes with a green salad and rolls, as well as unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks (just don’t let your head get too fuzzy while you work out the mystery!). During the great unveil and show wrap-up, you’ll also be served a mystery dessert. 

Price, Location, and Hours 

Sleuths Mystery Show is open seven days a week. Shows take place six of those seven nights, with a different show each night. In other words, if you enjoy the show on a Tuesday so much you want to come back the next day, you’re bound to have a completely different (and equally entertaining!) experience. 

Shows start at 6:30PM Tuesday through Saturday, and a bit earlier on Sundays at 5:30PM. Ticket prices are listed in the table below. 

AgePrice per Ticket
Children (Age 3 – 11) $29.95

Ticket discounts are also occasionally available. Sleuths Mystery has more information about discounts on its website. Additionally, Florida residents can receive a discount. Just make sure to mention your resident status when making your reservation.

To make a reservation for a night out at Sleuths Mystery Show, you’ll need to call Sleuths staff. You can reach them at 407-363-1985, seven days a week from 8:30AM to 8:30PM. When you call, make sure you have the following information at the ready: 

  • The date of the show you’d like to attend
  • Your name and contact information 
  • The number of adults and children in your party 
  • Each guest’s menu choice 
  • Whether you’re attending the event as a special occasion 
  • Any special accommodations guests in your party may need 

Sleuths Mystery Show is located at the address listed below and has free visitor parking in its lot and parking garage: 

8267 International Drive

Orlando, Florida 32819 

Plan to arrive early so that Sleuth staff have plenty of time to direct you to your seat before the show starts. The last thing you want to do is miss one of the first clues, after all!


Solving a mystery is never easy… But a delicious meal and an excellent show may be just what you need to take your detective skills to the next level. Fun for the whole family, you certainly won’t regret a night out at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show.