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Plan Your Visit to the Mead Botanical Garden 

You adore plants, yet you haven’t been to the Mead Botanical Garden yet? Well, you’re in for a treat. 

Whether you’re an avid collector of houseplants or prefer adorning your front and backyard with plants native to Florida, you’re sure to enjoy a visit to the 47-acre park. 

And because this garden even has an indoor greenhouse, there’s always something to see! No matter what season you choose to visit the Mead Botanical Garden, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy surrounding yourself with the beauty that is nature. 

But wait a minute before you grab your keys and head to the car. Below we have important details to share about the park’s location and hours, as well as some of the things to do that you absolutely won’t want to miss. 

Ready to plan your visit? Then keep reading.  

Things to Do at the Mead Botanical Garden 

So, what are some of the things you can do at Mead Botanical Garden?

First and foremost, your visit wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the park’s various garden collections. Those who love house plants will enjoy the legacy garden and greenhouse in particular, which features beautiful begonias, bromeliads, and other tropical plants. 

You’ll also want to take advantage of the well-manicured outdoor gardens. This includes the park’s camellia garden, as well as its native plant collection, which features many of the drought-tolerant plants that call Florida home. 

Those who find gardening particularly therapeutic will appreciate that the garden offers several ways to get your hands dirty. Individuals can rent raised beds in the community garden and  grow produce for the family while chatting with others as they work on their beds. Alternatively, you can participate in the garden’s Weed Warriors volunteer opportunity to keep unsightly weeds from overtaking the Mead Botanical Garden’s plots. 

Then, get some exercise by walking Bartram Trail or even practicing your downward-facing dog. The park offers yoga in the garden on Wednesdays from 7:15 to 8:15 and Saturdays from 9AM to 10AM. The cost to participate in yoga is $10 per session. 

Annual Events at Mead Botanical Garden 

The Mead Botanical Garden has several annual events that will delight visitors to the park. Its Great Duck Derby provides visitors the chance to fulfill their childhood dreams of watching rubber duck races. 

And anyone who loves taking care of plants of their own will need to block off their calendar and be sure to attend the park’s annual plant sale, which takes place in the fall each year. During your visit, you can choose from a variety of native plants, house plants, succulents, and herbs to take home. 

In the past, the park has hosted a Backyard Biodiversity Day to accompany their plant sale, providing visitors with the chance to learn more about why native plants are vital to the health of Florida’s ecosystems. During this time, the park has speakers, guided walks, and workshops to entertain and educate visitors. 

Last but not least, the Mead Botanical Garden provides opportunities for young people to enjoy the garden as well. The Young Naturalist summer camp takes place during summer break and is open to kids aged five through thirteen. During the camp, students reap the benefits of the great outdoors all while learning about critters and conservation alike. 

Host Your Own Event 

In addition to participating in some of the events we discussed above, why not host your own event at the park? 

Couples have the opportunity to celebrate their love by getting married at Mead Botanical Garden. The park has a variety of rental spaces, including both indoor and outdoor options. 

If you plan to have a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony, the Butterfly Garden will be the way to go. Or if you’d rather invite every single one of your loved ones to a wedding bash, you can hold your gathering in the Azalea Lodge (175 person capacity) or amphitheater (225 capacity). But don’t let us limit your options! You can read more about the park’s different rental venue options online. 

In addition to weddings, individuals who want to host a conference, birthday celebration, or other event are welcome to do so. Simply use the Mead Botanical Garden’s website to submit a rental inquiry. 

Hours, Location, and Price of Mead Botanical Garden 

After all the fun activities we just discussed, you’ll probably be shocked to hear that entry to the Mead Botanical Garden is free. You don’t have to pay a dime to wander the park and enjoy its serenity. 

The botanical garden is open from 8AM to dusk each day, offering visitors the opportunity to walk the park while there’s still dew on the ground, have an afternoon picnic, or watch the sunset. The park is located just north of Orlando in Winter Park at the address below: 

1300 S. Denning Drive

Winter Park, Florida 32789


And now you can grab your keys. You have all the details you need to plan a fun-filled day at the Mead Botanical Garden. Whether you choose to wander aimlessly or pursue a more structured activity like yoga or volunteering, you’re sure to have a blast surrounding yourself with all that the park has the offer.