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Plan Your Visit to Fun Spot America 

The hum-drum of the day-to-day — school, work, chores — has been making your life feel less than thrilling lately. And your entire family is feeling it. Your kids keep asking if you can do something fun this weekend and, fortunately, you’re also ready for some adventure. 

You all agree that it’s high time to inject a bit of excitement into your family’s life. And what better way to do so than planning a visit to Fun Spot America?

With numerous rides and other attractions to keep everyone happy and engaged, you won’t want to miss out on visiting this theme park in Orlando. 

If you’re ready to plan your visit, keep reading. Below we’ll cover the fun things you can expect to do during your trip to the park, as well as its location, hours of operation, and ticket prices. 

Let’s dive in. 

Attractions at Fun Spot America 

Fun Spot America has a wide array of rides that will appeal to people of all ages, from young kids to adults. Your little ones will enjoy making a trip to the funhouse, carousel, slides, or teacups, while the older kids and adults can have a blast riding rollercoasters, speeding on go-karts, and competing in bumper cars. 

The park also has a 10,000 square foot arcade where gamers will love spending time. After racking up tickets for every win, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem special prizes to commemorate your success and remember the day. 

Once you’ve stopped at as many rides as you can handle, take a breather. You can rent a cabana to serve as your home base for a day at the park. Rentals come equipped with cold water bottles, a table, chairs, and even a ceiling fan to keep you cool. The cost starts at $75 per day during the week and $100 per day Friday through Sunday. 

And in case the cabana’s fan isn’t enough to keep you cool, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the Splash Pad. This sprinkler-oriented fun area can help you beat that Florida heat, allowing you to run through refreshing water with your family and friends. 

Last but certainly not least, visitors to Fun Spot America won’t want to miss a visit to Gatorland, which is included in the price of your ticket. This park provides individuals the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife, including some of the alligators and crocodiles that call Florida home. 

Host an Event at Fun Spot America 

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than by enjoying all the attractions that Fun Spot America has to offer? This park offers individuals the opportunity to host their own event right here in the park. 

Those who’d like to celebrate their actual birthday in the park can enter for free (just be sure to bring your ID to prove it!). In addition to your free entry, you can host a larger event with you and your loved ones. Birthday party packages start at $319 and some include unlimited rides, plus two hour rental of an outdoor table if you order a certain amount of food. 

If you plan on visiting with friends that love to game, you may also be interested in the Arcade Party Package, which allows you and your friends to enjoy arcade games, eat pizza, and drink pop for the price of $108.95. 

Of course, if you can’t choose just one package, you can combine them for the price of $389 (for 7 guests). This package includes an armband for unlimited rides as well as $15 per visitor to be used in the Arcade.

Schools can also host Field trips at Fun Spot America. The park uses Florida State Standards to establish curriculums that provide kids a unique opportunity to learn about physical science and physics concepts (for example, how fast a roller coaster moves). 

But the fun isn’t limited just to kids. You and your work colleagues can enjoy your next corporate event at the park, too. Fun Spot America offers full-service catering options and small workshop areas so you can get some work done in between your roller coaster rides. 

Hours, Location, and Prices of Fun Spot America

Before heading out to Fun Spot America, you’ll need to know where it is! The park is located in south Orlando at the address listed below. The park is close to several other Florida theme parks and attractions, making it a great area to spend time on the weekend if you want to maximize fun. 

5700 Fun Spot Way 

Orlando, FL 32819 

The park is open from 10AM to midnight each day. Individuals who plan to pay a visit to Gatorland should keep in mind that their hours are slightly different, open from 10AM to 5PM each day. 

The cost to enter the park starts at $54.95 for a single-day pass. This pass provides visitors access to roller coasters, thrill rides, the Splash Pad, and Gatorland. You can upgrade this pass (total cost $64.95) if you also want to take advantage of the park’s Sky coaster flight. 

And if you want to visit the park’s other locations, you can purchase a 3-park season pass for $109.95. This gives you access to Fun Spot America parks in Kissimmee and Atlanta. 


Well, what are you waiting for? Now, you’ve got all the details you need now to plan an exciting visit to Fun Spot America. Your kids will enjoy spending the weekend chasing thrills — and you’re bound to have a great time getting away from the day-to-day, too!