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Plan Your Visit at Crayola Experience

Plan Your Visit at Crayola Experience

The best solution for bored kids

Your kids are bored… again. 

But you can’t think of anywhere to take them that will keep them occupied for more than 15 minutes. They’ve nixed everything you’ve mentioned so far and you’re running out of ideas. If you don’t come up with something soon, you’re going to go into mom meltdown mode. 

Fortunately, we think we have an idea that will prevent that from happening: the Crayola Experience in Orlando. With activities that will suit both energetic and creative kids, this fun park is bound to keep your little ones occupied, no matter their personalities. 

And we have all the details you need to plan your visit. Below we’ll discuss the different attractions your family will enjoy at Crayola Experience, as well as the park’s hours, location, and ticket prices. 

Ready to make your world more colorful for your kids (all while keeping you from turning crimson)? Then keep reading! 

Attractions at Crayola Experience 

With 70,000 square feet to explore, there’s an activity for all energy levels and interests at Crayola Experience in Orlando. In fact, there are 26 different activities and attractions to choose from! 

Your artsy child will enjoy completing craft projects in the activity studio and drawing with chalk at Scribble Square. He can use his imagination when naming his own crayon, then walk away with his uniquely named creation, wrapping and all. 

And while your creative kid enjoys some art, let your other kid get some energy out at the two-story playground known as “Color Playground.” She’ll be able to enjoy the obstacles, slides, and bridges that make up the playground while you take a breather from the sidelines. 

Then, grab a bite to eat at the Crayola Cafe. If you time it right, you can even enjoy a live show about the science of color. This show takes place each day at 1PM on the Cafe Stage. 

Wrap up your day at Crayola Experience with a visit to the Crayola store, which has a huge selection of Crayola products and souvenirs. Your kids will enjoy having something to remember the day by and you’ll enjoy the fact that they have something to keep them occupied for the car ride home. The Crayola Store is open every day. 

When planning your visit, you should be sure to dedicate at least three or four hours at the venue. This will allow your family ample time to explore the numerous attractions at Crayola Experience. 

Events at Crayola Experience 

But don’t think the fun stops once your first visit to Crayola Experience ends. You can come back and host a variety of parties and events here, too. 

If one of your little ones has a birthday coming up, why not host their next birthday party there? Crayola Experience offers birthday packages that start at $339, allowing admission for 15 kids (plus the special birthday kid). This also includes three chaperones. 

The basic package includes a private party room and drinks, or you can upgrade if you want to add pizza to the menu. You may also consider adding things like party favors and cupcakes. If you want to book a party, Crayola Experience’s website recommends that you do so at least two weeks in advance. 

If you’re a teacher at a local school, you may also consider hosting your next school field trip at Crayola Experience. Your students will have the chance to learn all about how Crayola crayons are made while instructors teach lessons on manufacturing and melted wax. These lessons incorporate the principles of STEM and classes are targeted to specific grade levels. 

You can also host events like corporate outings, holiday parties, graduation parties.  Pretty much any cause for celebration is a cause for enjoying Crayola Experience. 

Location, Price, and Hours

Ready to head on over to Crayola Experience? Just west of the Orlando International Airport, Crayola Experience makes a great pitstop if you happen to be heading into town for vacation. It’s conveniently located south of Orlando at the Florida mall, making it a great destination for locals as well. You can find Crayola Experience at the address below: 

8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL 32809

Crayola Experience is open from 10AM to 6PM Sunday through Friday and from 10AM to 8PM on Saturdays. Ticket sales end an hour before closing, so be sure to purchase them before then. 

The price for a general admission ticket (ages three and older) is $23.99 when you buy your tickets online. If you choose to wait to purchase your tickets in person, they’ll be $26.99. And if you plan on making multiple trips to Crayola Experience throughout the year, you might consider purchasing an annual pass that starts at $36.99. 


It’s no question that a visit full of color, activity, and crayons is bound to keep your kids having fun. With numerous attractions that will appeal to kids of all personalities, ages, and energy levels, Crayola Experience is a great destination for your family.