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Conquer Your Fear at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

You laugh in the face of danger. While others shrink away from heights, preferring to keep their feet on solid ground, the prospect of standing tall amongst the trees brings you nothing but joy. 

So it’s high time you made a trip to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, where you can show your friends and family exactly how brave you are while you complete the park’s many obstacle courses.

You can even bring your less daring friends along for the adventure since the park has courses at varying degrees of difficulty (and height!). 

Are you ready to make this weekend one to remember? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about planning a visit to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

Let’s jump in! 

Things to Do at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

The Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is well-known for its exhilarating ropes courses. In total, the park has 97 different challenges as part of its courses, including: 

  • Tarzan ropes
  • 50-foot tall ladders 
  • Suspended bridges
  • Balance on hanging skateboards

Plan to spend at least three hours at the park, as this is how long it takes to complete the adult courses in total. To participate in the adult courses, individuals must be at least 12 years old and be able to reach up to safety lines (in other words, be able to reach their arms to a height of 4’11”). Each course has different difficult rankings, starting from a basic introduction to the “red”, advanced level. 

But don’t be dismayed if someone in your family can’t reach that high! Younger visitors can also participate in some of what the park has to offer. Tree Trek Adventure Park has a children’s yellow course that kids who are at least six years old can participate in. Visitors to this course must have an adult chaperone with them at all times. 

Additionally, the park has a 425’ zipline for those who feel a need for speed. Grab your buddies and enjoy a quick zip through the park to the safety of the solid ground. 

Before starting your adventure, each participant must complete a waiver form. Then, guests go through a brief group training for safety, including things like how to wear the safety harness and attach a zip line. After that training, you’re all ready to embark on your adventure!

And if heights just aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy a day at the park! Watch your friends and family complete obstacles from the walking trails that meander around the courses. 

Have an Adventure with Your Favorite Group 

The more the merrier when it comes to making a trip to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park! When you book a visit with a group of 10 or more individuals, you’re eligible to receive a group rate. This makes the park a great place to host a family reunion, celebration, or church group.

The park also offers space that groups can rent out for things like birthday parties. Enjoy the picnic area, which makes a great place for serving cake and other refreshments — in between racing through obstacle courses, that is! 

Hours, Location, and Pricing at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is open rain or shine on most days of the year. During the weekdays, the park opens at 9AM, and on weekends it opens at 8AM. Closing time depends on the specific season, with longer hours in the summer due to more daylight. 

If you happen to visit the park during a particularly bad storm (with thunder and lightning), you’ll be asked to stop ziplining. If you haven’t yet started your course or ziplining and conditions haven’t improved after half an hour, you can request a rain check. 

The park is located about 30 to 40 minutes outside of Orlando at the address listed below: 

7525 Sinclair Road

Kissimmee, Florida 34747 

Reservations are required to join in on the fun at Orlando Tree Trek. You can make reservations online at the park’s website. If you need to cancel a reservation, you can receive a full refund so long as you do so 48 hours (or more) before your scheduled ticket time. 

The cost to participate in the adventure varies depending upon age. Adult tickets cost $56.95 and provide access to the zipline, as well as the green, blue, silver, and red courses. Junior tickets (ages 9 to 11) cost $44.95 and provide access to green, blue, and silver courses.

Kids aged five to eight who are able to reach to a height of 4’7” can enjoy the yellow course, which has minimal elevation. The cost of a kid’s ticket is $34.95.


What are you waiting for, daredevils? It’s time to conquer the obstacles at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park and prove, once and for all, that you’re as brave as you say you are. Now you have all the information you need, so grab your friends and family and head on over to the park!