Titanic - The Experience

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Titanic ~ The Experience is one of the most unique and innovative presentations of this timeless story to date – captured for the first time through the magic of cutting-edge technology, full-scale scenic environments, re-creations of actual rooms from the ship (including the Grand Staircase), and live interactive interpretations by storytellers in period costume. The exhibit also showcases priceless artifacts and historic treasures from some of the most prestigious private collections in the world, many on public display for the first time. A costume worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-winning motion picture “Titanic” is included, along with original movie memorabilia from such classic films as “A Night to Remember.” “Titanic ~ The Experience” allows visitors to re-live the mesmerizing drama as it unfolded, share in the inspirational personal stories of those aboard, and marvel at the unparalleled magnificence and Edwardian splendor that made Titanic the finest ship ever built.


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