La Nouba - Cirque du Soleil


1478 E. Buena Vista Drive Orlando, FL 3283

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Cirque du Soleil has been described as the modern circus, and focuses upon a storyline as well as amazing performances. Its performances combine elements of street performances, circus, opera, ballet, and rock music. Acts include contortionists, jugglers, feats of strength, clowning, and trapeze artists. The costumes are very colorful and creative, setting a festive and lively atmosphere. Also, at Cirque shows, all music is played live.
Cirque du Soleil-La Nouba, located at Downtown Disney, features two performances each day, Tuesday through Saturday. The show name “La Nouba” originates from the French phrase “faire la nouba,” which means to party, to live it up. This creation is an unforgettable journey through our universe—at once threatening and exhilarating, frightening and familiar. La Nouba is the story of all stories, the site of all mysteries, where dreams and nightmares sleep side by side. La Nouba is memory, individual and universal. It beckons to us, challenges us to uncover passions we thought we’d lost long ago. Here, anything is possible.
La Nouba features two groups of characters. Throughout the show, the magic and fantasy of the colourful Cirques (circus people) clash with the monochromatic world of the Urbains (urbanites). But as in fables, it is not so much this contrast as the interplay between the two groups which sparks our curiosity and feeds our imagination.


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