Blizzard Beach Water Park


1500 Buena Vista Drive Orlando, FL 32830

Phone No.


Blizzard Beach is a water park that looks like a ski resort. This 66-acre park features the 90-foot Mt. Gushmore — guests are chair-lifted to the top. The most adventurous will want to try the 120-foot Summit Plummet from which you will drop at 60 miles per hour. You’ll ride a toboggan on the Snow Stormers water slide and the Toboggan Racers. Blizzard Beach also features rafting and tubing. On the Downhill Double Dipper, you’ll reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Teamboat Springs is a 1,200-foot white-water raft ride – the world’s longest ride of its type. Those looking for a more relaxing attraction will try Cross Country Creek, tubing around the entire park, or the Melt-Away Bay wave pool. The little ones will love Tike’s Peak and the preteens will prefer the Ski Patrol Training Camp. You’ll find several places to grab a snack, lunch or dinner.


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