Orlando Miniature Golf Courses

Orlando's Best Putt-Putt Courses

It is always fun to break away from the Disney World theme parks a little early and head to a Putt Putt golf course before heading back to your Orlando hotel. With fun themes, innovative holes and hand’s on fun for the whole family, Orlando’s putt-putt courses are well worth a visit. Each of the following courses has something to offer every member of the family, from the competitive golfer to the smallest, plastic club wielding toddler.

While ticket prices are listed below, you can almost always find coupons and savings for the putt-putt courses in Orlando. Check for brochures at your hotel, in local magazines and tour brochures for savings coupons for each of the below locations. Disney routinely offers discount coupons or free rounds for their courses in package deals and official guidebooks, as well.

Pirate’s Cove

If you only visit one miniature golf course in Orlando, choose Pirate’s Cove. With lush landscapes, plenty of water and a cool, buccaneer theme, Pirate’s Cove is a popular putt-putt option for the whole family. The atmosphere and theme of this attraction are the big draw, as are the cleverly designed holes. This is a great location to try on a hot day—the water features and caves keep the play area relatively cool. Pirate’s Cove offers two locations, one in Orlando and one in Lake Buena Vista, and rates are $10.95 (adults) and $9.95 (kids).

Winter Summerland

Conveniently located near Downtown Disney and Blizzard Beach, Winter Summerland Miniature Golf casts the chill of winter onto an innovative and fun miniature golf course. Winter Summerland has two Santa Clause themed courses—one with plenty of faux snow and frolicking elves, and another with a sandy beach theme (you’ll find Santa buried in the sand on one of the holes here). Both courses offer similar levels of play and are particularly fun if you are visiting Orlando over the holidays, thanks to the Santa Clause theme. Expect to pay between $10 and $12 per person at Winter Summerland

Congo Rive

With several Orlando locations, Congo River Miniature Golf has plenty to offer every member of the family. If you enjoy the tropical, wild atmosphere of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, then the wild safari theme of Congo River will appeal to you as well. With challenging courses to explore, exotic settings and even a few live gators, Congo River is a must see adventure for any putt-putt enthusiast. If you have kids under 5, Congo River is an ideal choice—children under 5 putt for free (most local courses allow kids 3 and under to play free, so if you have a 4 or 5 year old, you’ll pay less for the family to play at Congo River.) Rates range from $8.99 (kids) to $10.99 (adults).

Disney’s Fantasia Gardens

Located in the Epcot resort area, the two courses that make up Disney’s Fantasia Gardens mini golf are adorned with scenes and characters inspired by the classic film, Fantasia. The Fantasia Gardens course features the dancing hippos and marching broomsticks associated with the film, along with fun touches of Disney magic. The Fantasia Fairways is a mini version of a “real” golf course, and ideal for those who want to try golfing but don’t want to take the plunge on a traditional course. Expect to pay between $10 and $12 per person to play at Fantasia Gardens.