Orlando Vacation Planning Guide

Orlando Weather in November(& the Cooler Months)

The weather in Orlando in November is mostly comfortable and mild. If you are visiting from a colder climate, then you will enjoy spending warm afternoons in the warm sunshine when you arrive in Orlando this time of year. Expect most days to be warm, with generally cool mornings and evenings.


 The average high temperature in November is about 79 degrees, and most days the temperature will peak in the mid-afternoon. Expect to see lows in the very high 50’s to low 60’s, meaning a sweater or light jacket will come in handy if you plan on visiting the area’s theme parks in the morning or after sunset.


While the summer thunderstorm season has likely passed on by November, you may see some afternoon showers. Most are mild and over quickly, but packing an inexpensive poncho or umbrella will help you stay on the go without getting drenched.

Watch the Tropics

It may not feel like it, but November is at the tail end of hurricane season in Orlando. A hurricane is not likely to interrupt your theme park fun (though it could bring some extra rainfall). The main concern with hurricanes is travel in and out of the Orlando area, via the airport and Florida’s highways. If you are traveling early this month, keep an eye out for tropical activity to see if your trip will be affected.


Save watery rides like the Kali River Rapids (Disney’s Animal Kingdom), Jurrasic Park (Universal) and the Kraken (Sea World) for the afternoon. You can get drenched on some of the “wetter” rides, and you’ll be uncomfortable when the temperatures begin to drop. Avoid Shamu’s “Soak Zone” during Sea World shows for the same reason.

Swimming and Water Parks

 Some days will be warmer than others, but you can head to the water parks with confidence most afternoons. Many of the area’s resorts, including all Disney-owned properties, heat pool water to a comfy 80 plus degrees, so you can swim with ease. Disney’s on-ste water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, are heated as well, with the exception of the Shark Reef attraction, which is kept at the chilly temperature required by the marine life it houses.


Pack comfortable clothing for exploring the theme parks; as is true any time of the year, comfortable shoes are a must for a November Orlando vacation. Choose layers and items that offer warmth, but don’t take up a huge amount of space. You can discard layers as the day warms up, or rent a locker to store them until evening.

Sun Gear

Even though Orlando’s weather is milder during the month of November, you will still need sunglasses and sunscreen for part of the day if you are sensitive or prone to burning. Pack these items from home, just in case; you’ll spend a lot more for them once you arrive.

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